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I Recommend.....
Emergency Veternarian
Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service
238 E Bearss Ave
Tampa, FL 33613
  • Phone: 813-265-4043
  • Fax: 813-962-4477
Morgan Animal Hospital
409 South Kings Avenue
Brandon, FL 33511
ph: 813-681-8582
fax: 813-654-0329
Cats-Only Mobile Groomer
Diane LaPierre, Kitty Cat Groomer
Important Considerations:
Info Concerning Cruelty Behind Closed Doors at IAM's Labs:
Please don't buy IAM's products, even if a vet tries to pressure you into doing so.  There are many other cat and dog food options available.... including prescription foods for health issues, to include Hill's Science Diet and Royal Canin.  
If you contact IAM's to ask if the claims of abuse are true, expect them to answer in a way that is meant to protect their profit margin.
Before You Declaw Your Cat, Please See:
Pet-Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, Not Tested on Animals:
Method's entire product line is both people- and pet-friendly, specially formulated to put the hurt on dirt without harming a hair on you or your loved ones' heads. (Sold locally at Target, Lowe's, and Beth, Bath & Beyond.)
Interested in Saving the Lives of Thousands of Healthy, Adoptable Pets In Hillsborough County
Learn about Nathan Winograd's 11 simple steps to save more lives, and how you can help enact this method at Hillsborough County Animal Services.  Believe it or not, 13,755 animals were killed at HCAS in 2011.  It's time we come together to stop the killing of healthy, adoptable pets!