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Rates and Services
  • FREE Initial Consultation in Your Home!
Full Service TLC Vacation Visits in Hillsborough County, Arrival Times Between Hours of 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

  • 30 minutes/visit for up to 5 dogs and up to 15 cats/hamsters/rats/birds/rabbits:  Includes a (dog) walk, hugs and kisses, "sweet talk", back scratches, brushing, litter scooping/changing, playtime, dog turn-out/potty break, fresh water, feeding, accident clean-up, medicating, mail/newspaper, watering plants, perimeter checks:  
$20 each 20 to 30-minute visit.
Add $5 for each additional 15 minutes.

Add a fuel charge of $5 for each visit to Valrico.
(See "Discounts" below for info about savings for customers in my immediate area.)
  • Overnights (15-minute evening walk, AND 15-minute morning walk included!)
8 hours - $65.00 (just $8.13/hour)
"Regular" Dog Walking/Potty Breaks (only):
  • Regular, Mon - Fri, Weekly 30-Minute Visits:
$70.00/wk (once per day, and includes waste pick-up and disposal), up to 5 dogs
Add weekend visits at the regular rates, listed above.
NOTE:  Due to potential dangers/liability issues, I am not comfortable administering Insulin shots... Thanks for your understanding.
House Sitting Only (no pets):
  • 20-minute visits to give your residence the appearance of occupancy.  Includes rotation of lights, bringing in mail and newspapers, taking out and bringing in garbage cans and recycling bins, watering up to 15 plants.  I will also wait for contractors/vendors/service repair people to arrive and complete work on your home, and lock up behind them:  $15 for first 20 minutes; $5 per additional half-hour.

Additional Services: 
  • Pet Taxi
Round trip to vet or groomer - $30.00 first hour (minimum 1 hour) + $7 each additional half-hour if located within 5 miles of your home.  Add $1.00 per mile beyond 10 miles round trip.
  • Dog Wash
$5.00 each dog (with your pet shampoo):  To be combined with "Full Service TLC" visits, or "Regular Dog Walking" visits, or "Occasional Dog Walking" visits.
  • Holiday Services
Thanksgiving Day - add $5.00 per visit
Christmas Eve - add $5.00 per visit (if after 5:00 p.m.)
Christmas Day - add $5.00 per visit
New Year's Eve - add $5.00 per visit (if after 5:00 p.m.)
New Year's Day - add $5.00 per visit
Easter - add $5.00 per visit
Labor Day - add $5.00 per visit
  • After Hours
For arrival times earlier than 8:30 a.m., or later than 8:30 p.m. - add $5.00
Notary Public Service -FREE of charge to my customers, after pet care services have been paid in full... ID 767765; Commission No. EE 29225; Issue Date 11-25-2006; Bonding Agency: Florida Notary Discount Association Co.
(Limited to three per pet-care job.)
Pet Sitting Discounts Available...
Because I do not have the usual overhead expense of gasoline for traveling to homes within the above-listed communities, I am happy to pass my savings onto you, via a $5 discount per visit for residents of these nearby communities (applies to "Full Service TLC" only.  Sorry, I can't give discount for overnights, or "regular dog-walking".)
  • $10 REFERRAL DISCOUNT on the care of your pets, when you refer a customer to me. (Discount to be given after services are rendered and payment is received/cleared from referred customer.  One discount, per referred customer.)  Alternatively, I will gladly make a $10 donation in your honor, to a non-profit charity of your choice!
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