Because Pets Really Are Family! -
"At first, I was a little nervous leaving my babies in the hands of a pet sitter. When I met Jojo I knew they would be fine! I received daily updates and pictures of my cats playing. It was such a relief to see that they were happy. I know this for a fact because one of my cats urinates when he is upset, and to my surprise he was a good boy. The only reason why is because of all the love and attention Jojo gave my babies! I felt so comfortable with leaving them in her hands.  Thank you Jojo for making my cat's happy cats
and stress free!"
Jenn P, New Tampa
"Having Jojo sit with our cats was one of the best choices we've ever made.  She truly went above and beyond in taking care of them while we were away, to the point of staying with them overnight several times just so they'd have the company.  She gave us constant updates the entire time we were gone, to include pictures!  That was amazing!  I can't recommend her highly enough."
Sheldon & Gretchyn M., New Tampa
"My Furry Kids Love Jojo, and So Does Their Mom.  When I come home, my dogs are well adjusted and happy, happy to see me but not overhappy, which ,means I did my job, and Jojo did hers, making my pets feel comfortable and their needs are met when I need to be away. They were so well taken care of I did not have any acting out or pouting, and I know they were safe, cared for and not exposed to stress or the thought of injury in a kennel. Jojo is very reliable and easy to contact, also very thoughtful
                                                              Jojo is one of the few people i have trusted
                                                              with my  dogs!!"
                                                              Wendy P., Rocky Point
"Jojo is the perfect match for our crazy little puppy Stella and Oreo. She’s the only sitter Fred and I have trusted to take care of our precious pets. We know Oreo and Stella will be worry free from the moment we leave. Oreo is an older anti-social cat that gets along with very few people but does great with Jojo. Whether were away for the day or gone for the weekend, we feel confident and comfortable leaving our little loved ones in the warm caring hands of Jojo. She has always been available at the last minute and will respond to same day request for pet care. We absolutely love having Jojo to take care of our furry children. She is absolutely a blessing!"
Courtney and Fred P.,
Riverview, FL
"It was very obvious during our initial meeting that JoJo is deeply passionate about caring for animals.  We felt extremely comfortable leaving our dog, Lucky, with her while we were on vacation for a week.  We had JoJo come into our home to care for Lucky and take her on walks three times a day.  We got texts and photo messages morning, noon, and night with updates from Lucky.  We have two more trips planned this year, and Lucky can’t wait for JoJo to come back and give her belly rubs and kisses!"   
Carolyn and Dave H.,
Tampa, FL
"Normally when I go away on vacation and have to leave my kitties, I am a nervous wreck. I constantly wonder if they are ok. Thanks to Jojo, this time I was at ease. She sent regular updates to let me know everyone was doing ok, and she even sent pictures. That was wonderful to see and made me feel so much better about enjoying my time away. I know my cats must have liked her company too- when I got back they didn’t even seem upset with me. I will definitely use her services next time I go away!"
Laurie & James L.,
Brandon, FL 

" I highly recommend JoJo.  I have 9 cats, many of them seniors with health problems who need medications and who also aren't fond of 'new' people.  JoJo was able to get them to accept medication from her by trying several different methods, to see what would work with each cat.

Also, the second time she took care of my cats, she called to let me know that my air conditioner was making an odd noise.  When she didn't reach me directly, and got my voice mail instead, she left a voice mail and then called her a/c repair person and got a tentative diagnosis of the problem and checked if he were available in case I didn't already have an a/c person. Then she called my emergency contact (my sister) to let her know about it. 

It is amazing enough that she got my 'shy' cats to let her medicate them, but it really was above-and-beyond the call of duty to let me know about the a/c problem and get in touch with her a/c person to find out as much as she could.

She is also very reliable about contacting me each day I'm gone in the manner I preferred (email) to let me know how things were going at the house.  I have had other good cat sitters before, but the one place where I wasn't happy with their service was with their saying they would contact me each day, and then not following through.

I recommend JoJo without reservations, as does Zorro, whom most of the other cat-sitters never saw.  Even though he doesn't need medication, he doesn't care for new people at all.  But he did come out to see JoJo."
Nancy W
Temple Terrace, FL


"We have been extremely pleased with the pet sitting services that we have received from Jojo.

Jojo genuinely understands and honors the bond we share with our cats.  She understands the anxiety that pet parents may feel when leaving their pets in the care of a stranger.  To alleviate that anxiety, Jojo keeps us informed with text message updates that are frequently accompanied by pictures of the cats.  

(This canine cutie joined the family after Brian and Rob's
testimonial was written:)
We have a high level of trust in Jojo and take great comfort knowing that our cats are in great hands.

In addition to being a wonderful cat sitter, Jojo has gone above and beyond to take care of things like watering plants and checking the mail.  She even let us know when our air conditioning was broken so that we could get it addressed right away."

Brian and Rob 
                                                                   Riverview, FL  


"Can't say enough how wonderful Jojo is! I have two fairly new rescues, Roo and Tank. They are my world! I was afraid and very stressed to leave them. Especially Tank. Tank is afraid of everyone except me. It took JoJo no time at all to earn his trust. Jojo was not only babysitting my kids, I felt like she was babysitting me as well. She had to keep me calm the whole time I was gone by sending me pictures and videos. The extra mile she went with the care of my babies made all the difference in the world. I came home from my trip to two very happy and well cared for babies. Needless to say, both of my babies are spoiled rotten! Jojo made sure the level of spoiled rottenness did not decrease while their mommy was traveling."

Diane R.
Brandon, FL


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